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Thermic Lancing

Thermic Lancing Services
A lot of common materials such as cast iron, refractory and reinforced concrete can be cumbersome, laborious and slow to cut. We eradicate this issue by carrying out thermic lancing.

We can provide the expertise and call upon many years of experience to resolve these types of cutting challenges.

Thermic Lancing Explained

Thermic lancing is the process of hot cutting. The cut is achieved by using an exothermic reaction to generate temperatures that are often in excess of 3000 degrees C.

The thermic lancing operation is high speed and can often cut through 300mm square of cast steel in less than 180 seconds.

The thermic lancing process can be used to cut, pierce or boreholes in most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

On engineering, demolition, foundry and construction sites pins and shafts can get jammed in their housings, and thermic lancing can be the quickest way to remove them.

The advantages of using the thermic lance as opposed to conventional cutting methods and techniques are mainly due to the speed of operation and a distinct lack of impact on the environment in terms of noise and vibration.

For more detail about how we can help you with this type of project, contact the thermic lancing experts now.


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