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Steel Plasma Cutting Services

Steel Plasma Cutting Services
Calvert Site Services offer expert Plasma (arc) cutting services.

This service is offered alongside our on site line boring and mobile welding services.

Plasma cutting was developed for cutting of metals that could not be flame cut.

This process works on such materials like stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

The Plasma Cutting Process

The plasma arc cutting process uses electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch to the material being cut.

The plasma gases include argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and mixtures, plus air and oxygen.

Normally, a plasma arc cutting system has a power supply, an arc starting circuit, and a torch.

The power source and arc starter circuit are connected to the cutting torch through leads and cables that supply proper gas flow, electrical current flow, and high frequency to the torch to start and maintain the process.

The arc and the plasma stream are focused by a very narrow nozzle orifice.

The temperature of the plasma arc melts the metal and pierces through the workpiece while the high-velocity gas flow removes the molten material from the bottom of the cut or the kerf.

In addition to high energy radiation (Ultraviolet and visible) generated by plasma arc cutting, the intense heat of the arc creates substantial quantities of fumes and smoke from vaporising metal.

Our Plasma Cutting Service

Using the latest, portable machinery we can offer unrivalled a plasma cutting service (up to a depth of 44mm) and repairs to a whole range of heavy equipment and machinery. The materials we cut include titanium, Inconel 625 and carbon steel.

Contact us to see how we can help your company with our services including preventative maintenance that will help you save your business money too.


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